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Тринадцать рассказов современных английских и американских писателей: Книга для чтения. Составитель сборника и автор комментария С. В. Шевцова. – М.: Высшая школа, 1979.
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Reading is an essential part of language learning, and reading stories, detective stories at that, is undeniably one of the most enjoyable ways of increasing one’s proficiency in a foreign language as well as learning of strange social and cultural climates...
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The Evening Messenger has decided to offer the above reward to any person who shall give (1) information leading to the arrest of the man, William Strickland, who is wanted by the police in connection with the murder of the late Emma Strickland at 59, Acacia Crescent, Manchester.
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Vernon Wedge didn’t want to see the old man. Olga, his secretary, gave Blesker a sub-zero reception, but he sat on in the attorney’s waiting room. His shoulders were rigid, his crooked fingers interlaced, his chalky face a portrait of stubbornness and determination. Finally, Vernon had to yield.
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The lawyer spent all of Saturday morning searching for the weapon’s counterpart. He finally found one in a dingy variety store four blocks from the scene of the stabbing. The proprietor had exactly five left in stock; he took them all.
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«GEORGE ELEPHANT!», called the Clerk in Court Number One (1); and a small man with glasses was brought.
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The steamer from Barcelona to Majorca (1) landed Mr. Parker Pyne at Palma in the early hours of the morning – and straightway he met with disillusionment. The hotels were full! The best that could be done for him was an airless cupboard overlooking an inner court in a hotel in the center of the town – and with that Mr. Parker Pyne was not prepared to put up. The proprietor of the hotel was indifferent to his disappointment.
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As he entered the Pino d’Oro the first thing he saw was Mrs. Chester and Betty Gregg having tea together. Basil was not there. Mrs. Chester looked haggard. Betty, too, was looking off color (20). She was hardly made up at all, and her eyelids looked as though she had been crying.
Baker’s dozen | Просмотров: 1807

Poirot and I were expecting our old friend Inspector Japp of Scotland Yard to tea. We were sitting round the tea-table awaiting his arrival. Poirot had just finished carefully straightening the cups and saucers which our landlady was in the habit of throwing, rather than placing, on the table. He had also breathed heavily on the metal teapot, and polished it with a silk handkerchief. The kettle was on the boil, and a small enamel saucepan beside it contained some thick, sweet chocolate which was more to Poirot’s palate than what he described as «your English poison».
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Poirot looked at me pityingly, shaking his head very gently. «Mon pauvre ami! But it is that you have not the gift! The important detail, you appreciate him never! Also, your reasoning is false».
Baker’s dozen | Просмотров: 1866

Roger Sheringham was inclined to think afterwards that the Poisoned Chocolates Case, as the papers called it, was perhaps the most perfectly planned murder he had ever encountered. The motive was so obvious, when you knew where to look for it but you didn’t know; the method was so significant when you had grasped its real essentialsbut you didn’t grasp them; the traces were so thinly covered, when you had realised what was covering them but you didn’t realise. But for a piece of the merest bad luck, which the murderer could not possibly have foreseen, the crime must have been added to the classical list of great mysteries.
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The parlourmaid seemed to think there was nothing odd in his mission, and took him up to the drawing-room at once. A corner of the room was devoted to the silver-framed photographs of Mrs. Verreker-le-Flemming’s friends, and there were many of them. Roger examined them with interest, and finally took away with him not two photographs but six, those of Sir William, Mrs. Beresford, Beresford, two strange males who appeared to belong to the Sir William period, and, lastly, a likeness of Mrs. Verreker-le-Flemming herself. Roger liked confusing his trail.
Baker’s dozen | Просмотров: 1953

Marvin Geller arrived at his office on Monday morning, with the feeling that his was a dull and conventional existence. The night before, he had met an explorer, an actor, and a Marine sergeant at a party. Tales of their triumphs and exploits lingered in his ears. As he paused in front of the mahogany door, he no longer felt a thrill of pride at the sight of the gold letters that proclaimed his function in the world.
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I had nightmares about it for several years afterward – the kind where something is on your heels, and you make desperate efforts, each more futile than the last, to escape it – and always felt bad about them when I woke up. I never could decide whether I was justified in having bad dreams at all.
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Teddy ate like a little pig. When he had finished he lay down on the floor of the pantry with a resolute air. My aunt had to carry him into the dining-room and deposit him in a sunny spot near her easel. He was asleep and snoring before I left the room.
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A dozen big firms subsidize our mineralogical institute, and most of them keep at least one man permanently on research there. The library has the intimate smoky atmosphere of a club. Logan and I had been there longest and had the two tables in the big window bay (1). Against the wall, just at the edge of the bay, where the light was bad, was a small table which was left for newcomers or transients (2).
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Paul Santin had had a good day. Small town doctors and drug stores were doing a thriving business, and, therefore, so was Paul Santin, pharmaceutical salesman. But it had been a long day, and now it was past eleven. Santin was driving fast on the country back road, trying to make it home before midnight.
Baker’s dozen | Просмотров: 3523

Александр Петрович Сковородников, Галина Анатольевна Копнина. Выразительные средства газетной публикации // Журнал «Журналистика и культура русской речи». 2004 год. № 1.
Журналистика | Просмотров: 4330

Григорий Яковлевич Солганик. Язык современных СМИ // Журнал «Журналистика и культура русской речи». 2004 год. № 1.
Журналистика | Просмотров: 6736

...всякий нормальный человек в душе своей знает: что такое хорошо и что такое плохо».
Журналистика | Просмотров: 690

Ольга Алексеевна Лаптева. Двуединая сущность языковой нормы // Журнал «Журналистика и культура русской речи». 2003 год. № 1.
Журналистика | Просмотров: 2810

Ольга Алексеевна Лаптева. Магия журналистского слова // Журнал «Журналистика и культура русской речи». 2003 год. № 1.
Журналистика | Просмотров: 2672

Профессиограмма журнализма.
Журналистика | Просмотров: 9023

1) Н. А. Лукьянова. Современный русский язык. Лекции по фонетике. Тема 2. Язык и речь как методологическая основа разграничения единиц языка и единиц речи.
2) А. А. Реформатский. Введение в языковедение. Глава I. Введение. § 4. Язык и речь.
Журналистика | Просмотров: 4407

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